Custom interior styling & design to turn your home or workspace into a place of refuge and inspiration.  We can work with what you've got or start with a blank slate.  Whether you need a little, or a lot, we are happy to assist you in creating the space you long for.  This can happen in a number of ways:


INITIAL MEETING: 30 minutes/On the house

DESIGN CONSULTATION: $60/HR- Includes any additional meetings and necessary following research, recommendation, consulting, arrangement and installation. Hourly fees will be invoiced on a bi-weekly basis.

CUSTOM FURNITURE PIECES/HOME DECOR: Price varies per pre-approved custom quote after consultation.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION & REFERRALS: The purchase of merchandise for a client is available on a case by case basis.   This option will be discussed during the initial meeting and any purchases will require prior approval by client.  Purchased items will be calculated and invoiced bi-weekly.  Financial payment for outside service referrals and contractors are the responsibility of the client.  




INITIAL MEETING: Consultation & budget.  We discuss style, hopes and dreams, needs, questions and budget. 

PLANNING: Research, communication & selections. We'll present you with options and decide upon a plan of action.

PURCHASE: Provide deposit for any Manos Design custom furniture or home decor pieces and/or individually purchase any outside products. Hourly fees will be invoiced at project completion or during pre-determined time periods, depending on the length of project.

ARRANGEMENT: We will help with the arrangement, display and installation of any furniture and decor you need assistance with in your home/workplace.